By Autumn Flory.



Womens Employment!

"Total war" demanded the mobilization of entire nations.

women of World War 1, helped during WW1 by taking over men's jobs which were becoming deserted because the men were getting called to war. Women who came from poor families ended up working in factories, there they made the weapons for the men in the war. Some of the women went to special training camps to learn to become doctors so they could help the people at the factories along with the war. They didn't work just because they wanted to, they worked because they had to. With the men at war, women had families to take care of. The women did their jobs so well that they were allowed to vote. But at that time it was only the women over 30. Then That changed to the fact that if you wanted to vote you had to of been in the country for a certain amount of time to participate. Women were present on recruiting posters throughout the war, applying moral and sexual pressure on men to join up or else be made less of. The women also had "white feather" campaigns which showed who was a coward and who wasnt.


Women also became a representation of the nation.

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